Please download the brochure to learn more about each Ohvale model.  More importantly, contact us to help determine which Ohvale GP-0 will fit your needs the best!



GP-0 190 EVO 4-speed

NEW FOR 2020: Updated chassis and ergonomics!

The "mack daddy" of the standard Ohvale platform.  This bad guy puts out 24hp while weighing less than 150 pounds!  Can you say wheelie machine?!?  This is the new "super" mini-bike on the block and the same one used by riders like Josh Herrin, Scott Redding, and Jack Miller to train.

Not for the faint hearted or new riders!


GP-0 212 EVO Limited Edition 4-speed

NEW FOR 2020: Updated chassis and ergonomics!

The GP-0 212 Limited Edition is for those who want it all!  

A bored out version of the 190, this rocketship also comes standard with; EVR slipper clutch, Ohlins suspension, dual front disc brakes, Alfano dash, aero fairings, carbon fiber front & rear fenders, and a custom bike cover!


GP-0 160 4-speed

The GP-0 160 is the little cousin of the 190.  Putting out around 15 horsepower it is definitely at the top of it's class.  A good platform for adult riders to train as well as youth riders who are ready to step up to a faster bike.  The 160 is well-capable machine that has slightly less maintenance than the 190 but who are we kidding, these things barely need maintenance to begin with!


GP-0 110 4-speed

Ohvale's "bread and butter"...this is where the brand has been building their mark within youth road racing all over Europe.  The engine puts out a cool 11 horsepower and the bike comes in at less than 145 pounds.  This bike is the platform for the young aspiring road racer to get a true feel of riding a road race bike.  Get rid of that clunky dirt bike!


GP-0 110 Automatic

The perfect bike for youth road racing schools or a track rental program.  Bombproof design that takes a beating while riders are learning without the need to focus on pesky things like a clutch!  It is the perfect beginners bike with a manageable 8 horsepower and no gears to worry about.

Contact us for special offers on fleet purchases for your track or school with this model in particular.

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